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Economic Decision and Investment Policy Analysis in The Nigeria Economy

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The primary objective of this book is to examine how public
policy issues influence investment decisions of individuals,
firms, multinationals and foreign nationals in an economy. Some
attention is also given to the explanation of basic economic systems
and principles. The book is not exclusively concerned with the
Nigerian economy, or with any particular organization of the
society, although many of the problems which are examined were
suggested by recent experience in Nigeria. Rather, the central
concern here is with basic problems which face all societies,
particularly with those that arise in the developing economies
where most goods are traded among individuals in organized
Two basic themes are developed throughout the book which
are relevant to a broad range of economic and social questions
These are:
1. Economic Sector
The economic sector deals with issues relating to
investments, economic systems, basic economic principles,
ownership structure of enterprises, and public and private sector
2. Social Services Sector
This section is concerned with issues relating to social
services such as health and education. The book is intersectoral
and interdisciplinary in nature, it is meant to captivate the interests
of students in Faculties of Social Sciences, Education, Medicine,
Pharmacy, Law and Agriculture, Humanities and Engineering.
Part I of this book develops some important groundwork
for a further consideration of the themes stated above. Chapter
One deals with an overview of world economic systems and the
review of foreign investment policies. Chapter Two examines the
ownership structure of enterprises in Nigeria. Chapter Three
presents the issues of foreign investment in the Nigerian economy.
Chapter Four reviews the structural adjustment programme in
Nigeria. Chapter Five reviews American investment in the
Nigerian economy. In Chapter Six, Swedish enterprises in the
Nigerian economy is examined. Chapter Seven addresses the
issues of basic fundamental economic questions. Chapter Eight
examines how socialism was practised in Tanzania between the
1960s and the 1980s. Chapter Nine introduces basic economic
analysis. In Chapter Ten, introduction to micro-economics is
presented. Public and private enterprises in the Nigerian economy
are examined in Chapter Eleven.