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PLANT FORM AND FUNCTION: Lecture Note and Workbook

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The course content presents instructional material on general morphology, anatomy and physiology of flowers, plants, seed structure, dispersal and germination. Processes like photosynthesis, translocation and development of primary and secondary plant body are discussed. The sections also have check lists, test questions and exercises for proper immersion of the topics presented. The primary focus of the class contact sessions is to achieve effective teaching and learning and provide background information and practical oriented training for Life SciencesApplied Biology and Biotechnology and Basic Biology and Health Sciences. All major learning modes: visual (books, slides, and live specimens), auditory (lectures and class interactions), and manipulative (“hand on” exercises) are applied in the process. Active learning methods include group discussion, brainstorming, presentation by students, report of practical activities, and interaction with facilitators during feedback presentation.