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When he was a baby, my son mimicked me snoring. He grew up seeing me prick my finger regularly to check
my blood sugar levels. He saw me using the blood pressure monitor and expressing concerns about the
out-of-range readings. He observed as I swallowed a cocktail of prescription pills. He knew that all was not
well with Dad. Over the years, he gladly watched me lose weight, and he knew when I stopped snoring, he
overheard me sharing with others that I was returning to good health. This background explains why when
he was about nine years old, he requested that as a mark of gratitude to God, I should share with others how
I beat obesity, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, arrhythmia, diabetes and high blood pressure and stayed out of
medications for most of the conditions I suffered. He wants me to tell you that you too can do it!
Yes, you too can beat the cluster of chronic metabolic diseases and overcome their symptoms.
Through diet and lifestyle changes, I lost over 30kg of my body weight, reduced my blood pressure
medication, pushed diabetes into remission and put a stop to the ten-year-long daily prescription of 3000
mg of Glucophage (Metformin) and 30 mg of Diamicron MR (Glipizide), both being the maximum dosage
for blood sugar control which I used for a decade.

In this book, you will learn:
• How I brought my blood sugar within the normal range from a non-fasting blood sugar of 375 mg/dl, and a fasting blood
sugar of 268 mg/dl, needing no medications anymore.
• How I reduced my daily dosage of high blood pressure medications.
• How I beat arrhythmia to stop the daily prescription of 100 mg of Atenolol, which I used for 12 or 13 consecutive years.
• How I discontinued the use of 10 mg of Lipitor (atorvastatin), which I used for about seven years to control high Ldl
• How I improved my Hdl cholesterol from 19 mg dl to 60 mg dl.
• How I beat anxiety and panic disorder, all symptoms of depression and stopped the usage of Seroquel, an antidepressant.

Do you want your doctor to gaze at you with amazement and ask ‘what did you do to get well’? Here is the way to go —
Cook, Eat & Live Right.


'Dayo Adeola is a lawyer, serial entrepreneur and youth empowerment advocate. He is a health talk enthusiast and loves to
cook. He is a poet and author of several Christian books. He is the initiator and President of Channels Beyond Borders
Initiative, a Christian workmen networking and mentoring organisation, and Quick Rescue Ministry International, a
cross-denominational Christian laymen outreach organisation, both based in Lagos, Nigeria.
'Dayo, his wife, Ogechi, and son, live in Lagos.