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The Great Exposition:Unveiling Lucifer and his blue prints

There has never been a book that exposes you to the truth other than the Bible. This book has extracted those ancient mysteries of the truth for your understanding. A lazy man cannot read this book, no. you must be diligent to be able to read this book. This truth will anchor you to the end of the age as you prepare for the Rapture of the church.
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The Great exposition:Unveiling Lucifer and his blue prints


Unfolding the whole Ancient truth series come with several volumes. This is the first volume and I take the epic journey with you on the revealing of Satan, from Eden to our material world. The book reveals the plot and the rage that has been promoted to the most advertised battle of all ages, the battle of Armageddon. The devil has been busy for about seven thousand years preparing for this great battle of the Mighty. He has prepared the pathway for his killing machine, the Anichrist and he is ready to enlist the whole human race into his squad, and that, he is secretly doing, blindfolding us to the real truth of all ages that can set us free. He has confused us with tradition and demonic culture that profi nothing. He stylishly brainwashed us and deployed all his best ten proven winning techniques that he knows best.

Countering his best ten winning techniques is the reason for this book. You are a winner in the name of Jesus.

He is recruiting the whole world through media, Illuminati, secret societies, sex, marriage, politics, science, entertainment, policies, organised engagements, businesses, finance, UFOs and everything within his power to accomplish the job, where his loyalist will be given the mark of the beast "666" at the end of the age.

Knowing the truth is the only thing that can set you free from the prison house of this dreaded ancient dragon!