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3WAYS RESOURCEFUL KNOWLEDGE OF 3PERSONALITIES is an expository book proving what are three diverse ways God, or Satan, or Man, must be known. Considerations are to be placed on what these three do when mentioned in all circumstances. And mysteries of the underworld; possessive and obsessive spirits; the acceptable but unbelievable mystery; the provable but unfollowed mystery; the real but doubted mystery and more for eschatology, deliverance and awareness.

A soldier who only behold a war zone and does not consider the enemies operational hideouts is not proficient yet, and might be caught in a crossfire unaware. It's pathetic lacking in knowledge the opposing hideouts or ways of Satanic Forces without intended information gathering to evade setback and spiritual danger in life. But THREE WAYS RESOURCEFUL KNOWLEDGE about God, man and Satan opens your eyes to behold their varied ways and strongly exist.

Beforehand, a reader might think he knows all about what the Holy Bible reveals until this book is read that he may know better: an academic material and resourceful study aid proving issues most helpful in the knowledge of God, Satan and Man.

Very refreshing and inspiring and expounding mysteries. Reading this book is like watching a movie when the Holy Bible is by the reader's side.